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Jeith - Joint Reaction

So I just accidentally found this Jeith fic I wrote a LOOOONG time ago and actually I think it's quite good. So I felt the need to share.
Title: Joint Reaction
Author: cutothechase (me)
Pairing: Jeith
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own the Who or any of its beautiful members, sadly. Also, this probably never happened (but, man, if it did..).

Vague Summary
as to not give much away: Keith experiences unexpected side effects. It's lucky John's around...

Joint Reaction....this wayCollapse )


Oh Darlings!

So I went to a Coffee House event last night at my school and my boyfriend and I sang Oh! Darling together - and I played my acoustic. Fucking shaking, could barely stand, let alone play and sing at the same time. But it was fun.

Okay, yeah. Boyfriend.
Here's the deal.

Never broke up with him. It lasted five days and then he said it was the worst mistake of his life, blah blah crazy shit happened and here we are, having our tenth-month anniversary next week, and very happy to be with each other. Maybe some things really are meant to be?

I'm leaving for Miami tomorrow morning. But I'm freaking out cuz - WARNING: TMI -  I woke up and I feel like I have some sort of urinary tract infection thing cuz peeing is KILLING me (and it's obviously not an STD haha). And I have no idea what to do - should I go on a 6 hr plane ride and die every time I pee? Ugh I don't even want to leave anyways.

It's my last Christmas with my parents as a true family, I dunno if that makes sense though. And we have to spend it hundreds of miles away from my home and my love? Nothing's fair anymore.

In other news, I've already been accepted to 3/8 schools, though they're really only my safety schools. And UVM, in addition, has offered me a presidential scholarship, which is pretty hot. :)  So we shall see!


Writer's Block: Hand me a tissue, please.

When was the last time you cried?

Your Love Belongs To Me - Clappison

Haven't had ANY time - wrote this one on the bus to school a few weeks ago.

Title:  Your Love Belongs to Me
Pairing: George Harrison / Eric Clapton
Rating: PG-13 (some sexy stuff)
Warning: If you don't know The Sheik of Araby then you probably won't get most of it. Also: UNBETA'D cuz I'm lazy, so if there are mistakes, please do point em out.
Disclaimer: I do not own the Beatles, Eric Clapton, or the song "The Sheik of Araby," nor are any of my own creation. But the fic sure is.

Summary: George has insomnia so he finally wracks up the courage to do what he has wanted to do a thousand times. And, apparently, so does Eric.

At night when you're asleep / into your tent, I'll creepCollapse )

Accidentally in Love

I actually REEEALLY like it here at Potsdam, NY.

I had an interview and the guy said that based on my GPA and stuff, I'm elligible for a full scholarship: tution AND room & board, totally FREEEE. WHAT. 8OOOOOOOOOO

And it's surprisingly probably my #2 choice school. Cuz also, if I keep my GPA high, I get first dibs on sophmore housing. HOUSING. Like, a townhouse - where I could LIVE with actual boys - BOYS WITH PENISES well peni - and not annoying bitches who bleed out of their brains  and pants and ughhh.

Sry hate girls, rant over. Anyways, FREAKING THE HELL OUT! 8DDD

And then I got to meet the horseback riding coach and go to the college's stable and HOLY FUCK I WANT TO LIVE HERE. Everyone is sooo fucking nice and helpful and friendly, I almost want to vomit pretty colors :D

And then the best part!

I met this guy in this AMAZING guitar/music shop.
All the employees had this :O face like "OMG. WHAT WAS THAT. I THINK IT WAS A GIRL!" And I went up and DROOLED over this semi-hollow electric Gretsch and asked how much ($1890 btw) and this dude marched right upstairs past me to the acoustic room and started going crazy on mandolin, which I thought was so lame, even though he was AMAZING.

So I went up to peek at the acoustics again (I just glanced in a few minutes preciously and literally teared up with the beauty and had to leave XD). But after seeing me ignore him and almost walk away, the mandolin guy goes for acoustic guitar and plays "Blackbird".

So I looked up and our eyes met. He was CUTE. Probably mid-20s. He asked me what I played. I stared at him for a sec and rattled off my instruments without fuss and drooled a bit as he went into "Tears in Heaven". :O Turns out he's studying to be a vet at the school next to the one I'm looking at.

So the guy shook my hand and introduced himself, fuhh. And then he said, with a twinkle in his puuurrdy blue eyes, that he "hopes I find what I'm looking for here."

And then my dad, comme ma cherie  corleoned  a dit le mot juste, "trolled" into my convo with the hot guy and said, "Same to you!"
And cute guy giggled and avoided my eyes, as if to say he just found it.


Anyways, end of awesome day of awesome so yeah. REEEALLY wanna go here now! 8D Horses, TWO GUITAR SHOPS!, tons of hot/polite/sweet/cute guys, really nice people in general, amazing food, close to Canada... AND ALL potentially FOR FREE!!! The pros almost totally outweigh the cons. Let's go, college. I'm ready :p <3

By the time we got to Woodstock...

Well the Bob Dylan concert a billion years ago was awesome (besides the RIDICULOUS amount of second-hand smoke from potheads, and that Bob only played 4 songs the audience actually knew XD)

But the trip there really was not cool.

It was supposed to take 1.5 hours but it turned out to be a 9-hour round trip. X___X    We kept circling around these creepy-sounding cities: Siko, Mesmir Hill, and Lava. And our family friend who went with us was greeeat; she kept screaming, "THERE'S A COW ON THAT HOUSE! I SEE A PINK ELEPHANT!!" (though, according to her, there really was a cow painted on someone's house and a statue of an elephant, but no one saw any of this O__o)

So it was nearly a 20-hour trip, and it WAS trippy, but yeah totally worth it when Bob finished with Like a Rolling Stone and All Along the Watchtower (in addition to singing Tangled Up In Blue and Highway 61) and then took a bow with his bandmates and before introducing them, said shyly, "You all know me, I'm Robert..." <333 DAWWW BOBBIE <3  Plus, we ate literally right in front of his tour bus without even knowing it XD

A few days later, my family and I returned to Woodstock (a MUCH shorter trip this time) and we saw the Museum at Bethel Woods. Sooo beautiful. I'm convinced that when I retire, I will work there until I die. <3

I also got to RUNNNNNN down the hill to the site of the actual stage and I could just FEEL all the people and the love and just guhhhh. I'll never forget that.
 So apparently Long Island is pretty flooded now, but luckily I'm not home, I'm visiting colleges and am near the border of Canada for now. But I had a dream that I was exiled from LJ so I figured it was about time I posted SOMETHING here! XD Been having atrocious hotel/motel experiences this weekend though, so no wi-fi or TV till now and I'm very glad for it! Love you all! see ya soon! <3

Down the foggy ruins of time

Hey guys <3

Sorry I haven't been on here in a while.

Leaving tomorrow and won't be back for 2 weeks :(  It's gonna be an awesome vacation though, since it starts off with me helping to drive to Pennsylvania at night and then leaving the next morning to go to WOODSTOCK TO SEE BOB DYLAN LIVE 8DDD

So just want to let you all know that I'm fine (really! :D) and I probably won't be on much in the next few weeks. Love you all <3 Peace, love, luck, and fucking-awesome music to you beautiful people

Show Must Go On!

Been a lot better today :) Finally don't break down in sobs mid-sentence randomly, and I just feel so much better about myself and about not living with that jerk by my side every living second :)

I got SOOOO MUCH DONE TODAY! 8D It was the first day away from him since he became an asshole, so it was awesome.

crazy days and restless nights...Collapse )It's so great to be single again! Oh, sweet relief. Fuck yeah :D Thanks for all the support, bb's <3
Well last night was interesting.

Started breaking down around 9 PM. I got so many calls and txts and just love from everybody, so I'm incredibly thankful. Plus all of you beautiful people here, gahhh, you made me practically break down again with your sweetness. I love you all. :)

When I went to bed (after 3 hours of hysterics XD), I kept repeating his words in my sleep, and then I'd wake up thinking he still loves me... talk about driving yourself insane. Wow.

So I stayed up and talked to people till 5 AM, woke up at 7 for driver's ed, and cuz I couldn't eat much breakfast (couldn't do lunch or dinner yesterday either - at all), I was really late, I got yelled at by my friend's mom who was gonna pick me up... and I immediately just broke down. My mom drove me to driver's ed, was really late with ginormous red eyes.... *sighs* Yeah, it's been a real treat. XD

...I'm hanging out with him today.

Everyone thinks it's insane, but I think it'd be nice for both of us, especially after hanging out for 135 of our 142 days together. It's too abrupt, and neither of us is really happy about it.

I completely understand it wasn't meant to be, and that his problems were (and still are) too huge for me to fix, or even deal with. So it's for the better. But it doesn't make it hurt any less.


What is your biggest regret? Did you learn from it or does it still plague you?

Having a boyfriend.

He broke up with me today. Don't know why, really.

He's just "not attracted to me." It's partly because I donated 11 inches of my hair to Locks of Love and now have a sorta 1920s-ish bob that's kinda wavy and awesome, and I LOVE IT. Almost more than I loved him.

He misses drinking. He apparently loves Alcohol more than me, she did more for him than I'll ever do, and he can't wait to get back to her and make sweet love to her. I hope he gets wasted and passes out. Well, not really.

Even though he's my first boyfriend, and he gave me my first kiss, etc., I'm not really that sad. I'm angry cuz it was all abrupt and the whole break up was less than 24 hrs - it started at 6:30 last night and he came to tell me it's over around 1:45, only about 2 hours ago.

It feels SO weird. Gonna have a hell of a lot of more time. I called some friends and they're all SO sweet, I just died. Everyone I've ran into has complimented me on my "cute hair" and ya know what, this day is actually not so bad. I've laughed a lot and... idk. It's just so weird. XD

So I'd really appreciate your insight and help and hugs and things more than ever. I'll prob be coming on a lot more, cuz I won't have him holding me back half the day. Five months just wasted away, so I'm gonna make the most of my time for the rest of the summer! :)


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